The first ever Leaders in Performance was a noticeable success.

The 2009 Conference Programme drew on the latest strategies and advances across a wide range of sports including cycling, tennis, athletics, US sports and football and appealed to those responsible for improving sporting performance whatever their field of play.

Specific areas covered included:

  • How to buy and sell talent at the right time and the right price?
  • How do you develop strategies to create a winning environment for sustained success?
  • How do you build and lead a High Performance Management team?
  • How do you successfully apply the use of innovative medical, sport science and psychological techniques to create a winning edge?
  • What are the key criteria for developing a team environment to maximize player/athlete performance across different stages of a player’s career?
  • How do you successfully identify, screen and recruit elite players / athletes?
  • What are the most successful commercial models in the business of player management?

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The main conference brought together world leaders including Frank Dick, President, European Coaches Association; Dave Brailsford, Performance Director, British Cycling Federation; Gerard Houllier, Manager, Aston Villa FC; Bernie Mullin, Former President and CEO, Atlanta Hawks (NBA) and Atlanta Thrashers (NHL); Roger Draper, CEO, Lawn Tennis Association; Mike Forde, Director of Team Operations, Chelsea FC; Valter Di Salvo, Head of Real Madrid TEC High Performance Centre; Chris Wright, President, Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) and Minnesota Lynx (WNBA) and many more.

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