Leaders in Performance offers a series of unique, interactive workshops that are led by the top figures and innovators in the industry, draw on the expertise of the audience, and offer deeper insight into a number of key sporting performance topics. They are “invite-only” with no agencies or suppliers allowed, and offer an intimate environment away from the main conference platforms for smaller groups of experts.

Leaders in Performance 2013 Workshops included:

09:30-10:30 (Wednesday 9th October)
Concussion in Sport – Prevention, readiness to return to play, and the debate on ‘chronic traumatic encephalopathy-CTE’ – Do multiple concussions lead to serious long-term health problems

Concussion has moved from the medical lexicon to being on the minds of professional athletes, coaches, parents and sports administrators. This injury can limit a season, a career and a team’s ranking – bad publicity may threaten a sport’s viability if parents don’t let children participate. Specific topics covered in this symposium include;

(1) Is there a risk of long-term health problems including depression, suicide, dementia if players have repeated concussions.
(2) Do ‘minor’ concussions accumulate – can there be the equivalent of an ‘overuse injury’ for concussion in sports like football.
(3) Do children’s brains need different concussion management. The symposium panel includes the world’s leading concussion experts from the fields of neurology and sports medicine. The aim is to address practical issues that can be applied by club management and legal offices.

Professor Karim Khan, Director Research and Education Centre, Aspetar

A/Prof Paul McCrory, Lead, Zurich Concussion Guidelines
Professor Roald Bahr, Head of Aspetar’s Injury and Illness Prevention Programme (ASPREV)
Professor Jiri Dvorak, Chairman, FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre
Dr Michael Turner, Chief Medical Adviser, British Horseracing Authority



Measure Readiness. Manage training process. Maximize performance.

An athlete’s physical readiness and functional state can be measured and comprehensively assessed using the latest developments in physiology, cognitive neurobiology and computer aided modeling. Each session, training load can be optimized to achieve best possible results and lower the chances of injury.

This invitation-only workshop will examine the new advanced types of analyses that are revolutionizing training, prediction of injuries and performance potential. Attendees will discuss:
- Injury prevention and performance
- Direct correlation between data and performance
- Collection of data in a cloud
- Predictive value of data

Bjorn Rekelhof, Strength and Conditioning Coach for AFC Ajax Amsterdam

Led by Val Nasedkin, Co-Founder & VP Business Development, Omegawave



Injury Prevention Strategy as a Cornerstone of a High Performing Team

It is well understood that screening the intrinsic coping abilities of the individual athlete is crucial in building performance. Testing and monitoring the athlete’s risk profile can effectively make a predisposed athlete, a protected athlete and a high performing athlete in the end.

This session will focus on the practical implementation of milestone testing and continuous monitoring within a sports team.

Rob Swire, Head Physiotherapist, Manchester United FC
Stijn Vandenbroucke, First team Physiotherapist, FC Dynamo Moscow

Hannes Cleppe, Head Physio, SpartaNova
Isabel Van Obergen, CEO SpartaNova